Sunday, November 4, 2007

This presentation is part of : Global Team Projects
Providing Healthcare in Guatemala
Kathryn Moore, RN, MSN, CCRN, CEN, ACNP, Clinical Care Services, Air Evac Lifeteam, Nashville, TN, USA
Learning Objective #1: The learner will be able to list the steps necessary to develop a partnership in developing countries.
Learning Objective #2: The learner will be able to describe the partnership in Guatemala

The northern portion of Guatemala is a tropical rain forest inhabited by Mayan Indians. The area is called “The Peten” Their resources for health care are very limited. American physicians and nurses have come to the Peten to assist in the provision of health care and to train physician extenders. Two physicians live in Los Cruces, Guatemala and have a health clinic there. A part of that clinic is a training program for local individuals to become health promoters. The health promoters must be able to read, write and speak Spanish. They embark on a three year training program to learn what is needed to treat most health issues that may arise in their village. They also learn about referral to the cooperating physicians in Los Cruces. The work of the health promoters and cooperating physicians is supplemented by medical missionaries that come to the Peten on a regular basis to assist in supervision of the health promoters and assist the cooperating physicians with referrals.

This session will look at the program that is in place and how similar programs might be formed.