Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This presentation is part of : Leadership Strategies in Healthcare Organizations
Health Administration Outcome Competencies Needed to Improve Quality of Care
Anne Felteau, PhD, MBA, RN, School of Nursing, U of CO, Marietta, GA, USA
Learning Objective #1: describe current quality-of-care practice issues and outcome competencies needed to address these issues as researched and outlined in the speaker's PhD dissertation.
Learning Objective #2: explore transdisciplinary opportunities to promote collaboration for the advancement of nursing administration.

According to dissertation research completed by the speaker, traditional health administration higher education programs preparing future leaders in health care organizations lack the content to develop the broad knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to address the complex system issues created by the last two decades of health care reform as evidenced by the growing public concerns and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) related to a decrease in the quality of health care. As nurses leaders stepped into Chief Nursing Executive (CNE) positions over the last two decades, they took on partnership roles with the Chief Executive Officers (CEO). In taking on these partnership roles they, too, needed similar education, skills and experiences of the CEO to solve these complex issues. The dissertation research outlines emerging categories and themes from the study, which are expected to provide direction for future research regarding the specific knowledge, skills, and experiences needed in health administration programs to prepare future health care administrators for leadership positions. The speakerís assumption is that nursing administration academic program directors may benefit from the findings in the study to improve future nursing administration academic program content by exploring trans-disciplinary opportunities to promote collaboration with health administration higher education program for the advancement of nursing administration.