At Home with your Baby

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Deborah A. Raines, PhD, EdS. RN, ANEF
Career Education, Education 2020, Boca Raton, FL

Learning Objective 1: Discuss the use of high fidelity simulation to prepare parents for the discharge of their infant from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Learning Objective 2: Outline the program development and implementation process.

At Home with Your Baby is a high fidelity simulation experience to increase parent’s confidence and competence in anticipation of their infant’s discharge from the NICU.  The purposes of this program are:
  • To provide parents the opportunity to practice and experience how the baby may respond, what may go wrong or variations of a care-giving situation.
  • To enhance the confidence and competence of the parent in anticipation the baby’s NICU discharge and during the first days at home with the infant.
  • To explore the use of high-fidelity simulation in patient/family education.
  •  To develop a model of community based care.

The theoretical framework guiding the development of this project is transitions theory.  Specifically the focus is on integration learning and personal development of the parent to meet the special needs of an infant discharged from the NICU

The program serves all the NICUs in the county.  The NICU nurses refer parents as part of the discharge planning process.  Parents are scheduled to participate in a simulation experience with scenarios customized to the needs of their baby.  Each session concludes with a debriefing session and feedback to the referring NICU.  In addition to the initial session follow-up contact with the parent is made at two and six- weeks after the infant’s discharge. 

The process of program development, implementation and evaluation will be shared in this presentation.