Connecting with Presenters

Sunday, 17 November 2013: 11:40 AM

Sandra L. Carter, MN, RN
CNI College, Orange, CA

The two day program provides four concurrent sessions for research and innovative projects podium presentations and daily poster presentations.  The selection of presenters begins with a Call for Abstracts in three categories: research (qualitative, quantitative and mixed method); innovative projects; and symposium. The call provides clear criteria for the different categories and specification for submission. The call is posted on the STTI conference site, Region 2 website and regional chapter websites, and promoted with faculty and students at each college.

Each chapter provides two doctorally prepared research abstract, two master prepared innovative abstract, and two master prepared poster judges. Four chapters coordinate the blind review process and create the podium and poster presentations as determined by the volunteer expert reviewers. Two chapters work together on innovative abstracts while the other two focus on research abstracts. An additional chapter coordinates the poster judging and award process.

 All transmission and communication regarding abstracts are electronic. Abstracts are received by the research and innovative project subcommittees respectively and distributed to the reviewers for compliance with established criteria for acceptance for podium or poster presentation. Each subcommittee utilizes the reviewers’ decisions to determine the selection of podium and poster presentations and creates the program sessions.

 The research and innovative projects abstract subcommittees present the results of their reviews to the planning committee for final approval. The subcommittees communicate the decision of the review (e.g. accepted for podium presentation, poster presentation, declined) to the individuals who submitted abstracts and request confirmation of acceptance to present at the conference. The individuals selected to present are provided the program schedule (e.g. presentation date, time, length) and guidance regarding podium presentation or poster presentation specifications. Upon acceptance from the presenter, the abstracts are submitted to the proceedings subcommittee for inclusion.