Transformational and Servant Leadership in Practice From a New Managers Perspective

Sunday, 17 November 2013: 3:05 PM

Loretta Ann Pierce, MSN, RN, CNE
Emergency Department, VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System, Omaha, NE

Learning Objective 1: Identify how Transformational and Servant Leadership skills are necessary to lead in a Magnet and Shared Governance Culture.

Learning Objective 2: Discern strategies to implement in own practice as Nurse Manager or Leader

Transformational and Servant Leadership in Practice – From a New Managers Perspective

Nurse Managers are many times appointed into manager positions without adequate training. In a facility on the journey towards Magnet and Shared Governance this is of concern. The style of leader needed for Magnet and Shared Governance is a Transformational or Servant leader.   The transformational leader looks at the areas/staffs needs not just on a system level but a higher level to include self-actualization and competency. The servant leader is a steward to their staff and develops a partner type relationship. Both of these styles of leadership are not necessarily only learned from a text but rather are something to strive to obtain through role modeling and sharing success. It is important for leaders both new and experienced to share their understandings of these roles in leadership to assist in obtaining Magnet and Shared Governance cultures.

As a new leader understanding the urgency to lead others with a Transformational or Servant leader style became a mission. The manager scores in the area reflected a lack of leadership style conducive for Magnet or a Shared Governance culture to grow. The new nurse manager was able to engage staff in Shared Governance using Transformational and Servant leadership skills to obtain success as demonstrated by manager approval ratings. Projects were identified by staff thereby building upon the partnership, trust, and ongoing development as a team. Putting into practice the Transformational and Servant leadership styles as a new manager was very successful. This type of success needs to be shared to other mangers.