An Exploratory Study on Nurse-to-Nurse Collaboration (NNC) in Baccalaureate Prepared Registered Nurses

Tuesday, 10 November 2015: 10:00 AM

Robert Anthony Mele, BS, RN
Newborn Critical Care Center, UNC Health Care, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Kiara J. Goldwag, BS, RN
Western Connecticut Health Network, Danbury, CT, USA

The purpose of our experiment was to assess the current state of Nurse-to-Nurse Collaboration (NNC) in baccalaureate prepared registered nurses (RN) who have graduated from Hartwick College. Due to the current scarce awareness of intraprofessional relations compared to interprofessional collaboration, aspects of healthcare ranging from nurse job satisfaction to patient safety are affected. From the research that was gathered, intraprofessional collaboration is critical to patient safety, outcomes, nursing satisfaction, and can affect a specific unit environment and culture. Data was collected via SurveyMonkey and utilized Dougherty and Larson’s “Nurse-to-Nurse Collaboration Scale” (2010). This survey was distributed to 254 graduates, twelve emails failed to deliver, leaving 242 potential responses. From this pool, 67 responses were provided, creating a 27.69% response rate. This survey was available for a total of 30 days. Our findings showed exceptional collaboration in all five components that were tested. Our findings were later disseminated into a hypothetical research project. This project would hypothetically consist of a month long awareness month as a campaign, with an inservice to bring about revolutionizing current collaborative practices. By promoting collaboration patients can receive safe and quality care while health care professions will feel more trusted, respected, and empowered in their practice.