Life Experiences of a Newly Graduated Nurse Working Under Supervision of a Mentor

Saturday, 7 November 2015: 3:35 PM

Nisa Tamarpirat, MSN, RN
Health Promotion Center, Thonburi Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Areewan Oumtanee, PhD, MS, RN
School of Nursing, Chulalongkorn University, Phatumwan, Thailand

The purpose of this research is to describe experiences of being a newly graduated nurses working under supervision of the nurse mentorship at a private hospital in Thailand by using qualitative research based on Hermeneutic phenomenology. Ten novices were participated in this study while data were collected by using in-depth interviews with audio-recorded and field observations. Data were transcribed verbatim and analyzed by using content analysis of Diekelmann’s method. 

         The result was found by following issues

1) Before working with a mentor , a novice nurse felt 1.1) Fear of incompatibility, most of novices are fear of incompatibility which cause them stomachache, Anorexia and hard to sleep 1.2) Worried that mentor will stern, from the experience of being a novice found out that mostly mentors often stern and annoy when novice inquires because it causes them more works

2) During working with a mentor, a novice nurse had of positive and negative experiences 2.1) Feel comforted and happy working with mentor, while working together, mentor always encourage novice by advising, giving knowledge, take good care and not let them be isolated. Moreover, when mistake happened, the mentor will protect and speak up for them from being blame by the doctor or patient 2.2) Feel uncomfortable working with mentor, the mentor blame when novice cannot work like they expected and annoying to repeat teaching work plus sometimes being stern at the front of patient which cause them scurry, scare, and feel diffidence to work because afraid that they will gain no trust from patient and relatives

3) After end of mentoring period, a novice nurse could adjust themselves and understand why the mentor had to be strict which help reducing the conflict while increasing the relationship and feels great to each others.

         From the results of this study, it provided a significant understanding on a newly graduated nurse’s experience upon the supervision of the nurse mentor. It is recommended that the administrators should develop an effective strategy to strengthen and facilitate the transition process of novice nurses, in adjusting to the new environment and be a professional nurse under the mentorship system.