Evaluating Self Care Management Skills among Adult Asthmatics: A Randomized Controlled Study

Tuesday, 10 November 2015: 10:40 AM

Varalakshmi Manchana, MSN,MBA,PGDBE,(PhD), RN, RM, RPHN
School of Medical Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India

Abstract: “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters”, is the mantra of American Lung Association. Asthma is the most prevalent, chronic respiratory disorder that can impair the quality of life of individuals if not controlled appropriately. Though the scientific, pharmaceutical, technological advancements brought notable advancements in the therapeutic strategies, asthma still remains uncontrolled with raising prevalence. Asthma management remains to be the public health challenge globally, especially in developing countries like India. Aim: The study aims to assess the effectiveness of structured educational nursing intervention on self care management of Bronchial asthma. Methods: Study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching on Peak flow monitoring and Right way of Using Inhalers and Deep breathing and coughing exercises in asthma management. Design: Experimental Pre test-post test control group design was chosen. Sample were selected randomly in to experimental (n=100) and control (n=50) groups. The Pre-test means between experimental (7.030) and control (6.500) groups were not much significant. There is a significant improvement within the pre test (mean 3.81; S.D 1.656)) and Post test scores in the experimental group (mean 6.91/S.D 0.831) in use of inhalation technique. The post test means between experimental (6.94) and control groups (4.92) supports the significant enhancement in the performance of inhaler use. Knowledge of the experimental group after asthma education is significantly raised in both Peak flow meter use (mean 3.5 and 7.71) and Deep breathing and coughing exercises (mean scores of 4.79 and 9.3). Conclusion: Patient education to equip them with self management skills yields behavior modification to make asthma management effective.