Nurses' Involvement in HIV Policy Formulation in Nigerian Health Care System

Sunday, 8 November 2015: 4:20 PM

Ekaete Francis Asuquo, MNSc, BNSc, RN, RM, RPN
Nursing Science, University of Calabar, Nigeria, Calabar, Nigeria
Josphine Bassey Etowa, BNSc, PhD, RN, RM
School of Nursing, University of Ottawa, Ontario, ON, Canada

Nurses’ involvement in HIV policy formulation in Nigerian Health Care System

Ekaete Francis Asuquo PhD (c) RN and  Josephine Etowa PhD RN, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada


Abstract (260 words)

Background of study: Nigerian national policy on HIV stresses the need for the adoption of multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach in policy formulation, with the health sector taking the lead. This calls for collaboration among the various stakeholders including nurses in policy development initiatives to ensure the attainment of HIV health related goals.

Purpose: This paper will present the findings of a recent study which examined nurse’s involvement in research productivity and policy development in the context of   mother to child transmission (MTCT) of HIV in Nigeria.


Methodology:  A qualitative case study design under the guiding tenets of critical social theory and participatory action research (PAR). The research is a single case study of one state with embedded units. Thirty nurse-leaders from the various embedded units were recruited through purposive and snowball sampling technique. Semi-structured interview and document reviews were used for data collection.   Data was analysed using thematic analysis.


 Result: This paper will focus on the major theme of nurse’s involvement in policy development.  This includes the following sub-themes:1) Knowledge of policy initiatives 2) Barriers to involvement in policy development and 3) Facilitators to involvement in policy development. The paper will also highlight the interplay of power dynamics in the health care system as it hinders  nurse’s involvement in policy formulation

Conclusion: The paper will conclude with some of the lessons learnt in the study and suggestions for effective integration of nurses in policy arena. This includes the need for a broad-based educational curriculum which will incorporate strategies to build nurses capacity for leadership and policy development in training schools.

Key Words: Nurses, HIV Policy, power dynamics, Nigeria