A Remediation Model for Assessment Testing

Monday, 9 November 2015

Tawna Cooksey-James, PhD, RN, CNE
School of Nursing, Ohio University, Athens, OH, USA
Ali Salman, MD, PhD, ND, RN
School of Nursing, Brandon University, Brandon, MB, Canada
Yi-Hui Lee, PhD, MBA, RN
College of Nursing, Wright State University, Dayton, OH, USA

Purpose: Reviewing an exam after it is taken is a valuable learning experience for nursing students and is linked to later exam successes. Developing a remediation plan that focuses on the assessment test can be a valuable learning method with successful testing outcomes that can carry over to NCLEX success. A remediation plan was developed and used by students to improve the outcomes of course and exit assessment testing and later NCLEX.  

Method: A remediation plan was initiated from intense 1:1 meetings between faculty and graduating nursing students over a six-week period while completing exit assessment testing. This model was used by students and was associated with successful testing outcomes. Adjusting this remediation plan to use with course assessment testing was expected to yield similar outcomes. This remediation model was refined for use with course assessment testing during the fall semesters of 2013 and 2014 at a university setting for baccalaureate nursing students.

Results: The remediation model met with varied success dependent on student usage. When student usage increased, this remediation plan was associated with improved assessment testing outcomes. 

Recommendations: Further examination of factors associated with student usage is needed. As this remediation plan takes 2-4 days to accomplish, it must be given to the student with timeline awareness.