Telephonic Health Coaching for the Type II Diabetic

Monday, 9 November 2015

Gale T. Klinshaw, MSNE, RN
Nursing Department, ECC, Buffalo, NY, USA

           This evidence based proposal is intended to reach new or unstable adult Type II diabetics who are members of a managed health care insurance program. The program proposed would be introduced immediately after diagnosis to improve patient outcomes. It would also provide a more comprehensive intervention for those in need of assistance with self-care. At the present time most diabetics receive care from a primary care physician. When the physician is busy or unavailable the diabetic turns to other places for a quick fix of their symptoms. They may also be more expensive options for care including the ED or an Urgent Care Clinic. Postponing care until their symptoms become more critical may lead to hospital admissions and long term negative effects on their health as a result of diabetic complications. The use of a telephonic health -coaching program would also assist those members who would otherwise not receive the education required to successfully control their diabetes. Telephonically more diabetics can be assisted without ever leaving their homes. Members will be monitored for the program’s effectiveness including reductions in their HgbA1c, increase in diet, medication and overall self-care compliance, increase access to diabetic education resulting in increased customer satisfaction and health care cost savings for both the member and the health care insurance company. Telephonic health coaching, performed by specially trained registered nurses, with internet access to educational materials, may be an effective method of better educating patients with diabetes and controlling medical emergencies resulting in improved overall health for those members and a reduction in their health care costs.