The Effect of Self-Reported Levels of Optimism on Blood Pressure in an Adult Population: A Pilot Study

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Christopher Ross McConnell
School of Nursing, Dominican University of California, Martinez, CA, USA

The purpose of this research study is to examine a possible correlation between levels of self-reported optimism and blood pressure readings. Current research has denoted a possible link between levels of optimism and cardiac health, but has not specifically looked at measures of blood pressure. Research was guided by the research question; what is the correlation between self-described optimism levels and blood pressure readings in the elderly male population of Marin County? Study participants were recruited by convenience sampling for this cross sectional, correlational study at Whistle Stop, a senior service center located in San Rafael, California. Participants were asked to sign consents, fill out a demographics sheet, and fill a Life Orientation Test – Revised (LOT – R). Following the completion of paperwork, subjects had their blood pressures checked, once on each arm and the numbers were recorded.

*Results, data analysis, and conclusions are pending SPRING 2015*