C 21 SPECIAL SESSION: Innovation: The Bridge of Industry and Research to Advance Professional Nursing Scholarship

Sunday, 8 November 2015: 4:00 PM-5:15 PM
Description/Overview: This presentation will focus on the understanding of the industry of informatics plays in the advancement of innovation. It will describe some of the characteristics that align industry partnerships to advance nurse scholarship through business principles and knowledge. Technology competencies are not just a part of Chief Nurse Executives (CNEs) responsibilities; this understanding and its related skills are critical to CNEs. institutional and organizational leadership. While a thorough understanding of technology's impact on patient care remains the responsibility of nurse informaticians, CNEs will need to possess a broad, working knowledge of IT to safeguard patient care outcomes. CNEs may need more sophisticated technology-related expertise if they are to harness the power of computing to demonstrate the quality- and financially-related advantages that nursing brings to patient care. Given the critical nature of nursing input to the purchase, design, and utilization of systems, baseline information about needed nurse executive competencies could inform educators and professional organizations about the needs for nurse executive education in the IT and nursing informatics arena. Dr. Simpson is Vice President of Nursing for Cerner Corporation. He is responsible for strategic sales, planning the patient care enterprise and industry relations related to professional nurse practice. With more than 600 published articles and presentations on nursing informatics and professional issues to his credit, he is an internationally known speaker with 35+ years’ experience and a contributor to numerous professional publications and editorial boards, including Nursing Forum, Applied Nursing Research, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, American Nurse Today and a columnist for technology journals. Dr. Simpson was a pioneer in the development and funding of the Nursing Minimum Data Set (NMDS) along with sentinel research directing core competencies for executives leading with information technology. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, New York Academy of Medicine and National Academies of Practice. He has held and holds various Board and trustee appointments along with board alignment with Regents College, Excelsior University, MyMedEd, public and private corporations. Simpson and his colleagues initiated a world-class faculty for an online nursing administration and nursing informatics master’s program in the 1990’s. He is currently employed with Cerner Corporation in partnership with Emory University's Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing’s new Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. Dr. Simpson provides consultation in the Health Systems Leadership Track, a unique corporate global program preparing DNP students for executive health leadership.
Moderators:  (Emily) Jayne Lutz, MS, PHNCP-_BC, RN, CNE, Family and Community Practice Department, UNC Greensboro School of Nursing, Greensboro, NC, USA
Organizers:  Roy L. Simpson, DNP, RN, DPNAP, FAAN, Nursing, Cerner Corporation, Kansa City, MO, USA