Sunday, November 13, 2005: 10:30 AM-11:45 AM
Renewal of the Spirit Through Curiosity, Creativity, and Scholarship: The Keystones for Lifelong Learning
Learning Objective #1: Discuss the Clinical Scholar model and its use in promoting evidence-based practice
Learning Objective #2: Discuss the Renewal of the Professional Spirit through attention to science, scholarship, and interdisciplinary teamwork
In the hectic world of today’s nurse, one often experiences discontent and disillusionment, shackled by tasks and hopeless about the future world of work. In his 2003 presidential call, Dr. Pesut challenged the membership to Create the Future through Renewal of Self, Service, Scholarship, Science, and Spirit. Since its beginning in 1993, the Nursing Research Program at a Northern New England tertiary care hospital has focused on the professional growth of the curious and creative staff nurse. Using the concepts identified in the STTI White Paper on Clinical Scholarship (1999), a framework, the Clinical Scholar Model, for developing the direct care provider as a knowledge worker in evidence-based practice through Observation, critique and Analysis, Synthesis and evaluation, Application, and Dissemination was advanced. An environment of lifelong learning and clinical excellence, the essentials of professional renewal, can be optimized through the active participation of Clinical Scholars in direct patient care. Clinical scholars are characterized as possessing a consistent spirit of inquiry and creativity, exemplified by a high level of curiosity, a continuous quest for learning, the capacity to reflect on their experiences, and the ability to seek out and use resources to improve clinical interventions (STTI, 1999). This symposium will provide five examples of the Renewal of the Professional Spirit as described by participants in the Clinical Scholar program. They will share their own experiences of renewal along with the comments and experiences of other members of their Evidence-Based Practice teams as they look at “old situations with new eyes….resulting in new ways of learning, thinking, feeling, being, and doing” (Pesut, 2004).
Organizer:Alyce A. Schultz, RN, PhD, FAAN
Presenters:Paulette Gallant, RNC, BSN
Kelly E. Lancaster, RN, BSN
Kathleen M. Keane, RN, BSN
Tania D. Strout, RN, BSN
 Renewal of the Spirit through Interdisciplinary Teamwork
Tania D. Strout, RN, BSN
 Renewal of the Spirit through Persistent Inquiry of Science
Paulette Gallant, RNC, BSN
 Renewal of the Spirit through Scholarship
Kelly E. Lancaster, RN, BSN, Kathleen M. Keane, RN, BSN

Sigma Theta Tau International
38th Biennial Convention - Clinical Sessions
November 12-13, 2005
Indianapolis, IN