Thursday, 20 July 2006: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Empowering Future Nurses to Use Evidence-Based Practice through Educational Strategies
Learning Objective #1: describe how ethical teaching and learning empowers mastery of evidence based practice by baccaulareate nursing students.
Learning Objective #2: apply teaching strategies that promote evidence based nursing practice in traditional and distance learning environments.
Clinical decision-making in today’s health care arena requires nursing students to develop a set of complex skills grounded in evidence. Nurse educators must provide the opportunity for students to attain the needed skills to be competent practitioners. Traditional nursing education is linear, teacher-centered, and focuses on the faculty as the source of knowledge. With the explosion of information in nursing and the need to consider care holistically, this method is no longer effective. New environments for learning are necessary to empower nursing students to seek additional knowledge. They must become practitioners who are skilled in providing research-driven, contextually- based nursing care, and who strive to build a quality nursing knowledge base. In this symposium, we will explore learning strategies aimed at supporting thinking processes that answer this educational imperative and improve student engagement in evidence-based practice. Part one will be a discussion of the decision-making theory of Symphonology as a basis for evidence-based practice. Symphonology is a bioethical theory that emphasizes how nursing knowledge and patient context should be the basis of evidence-based care. Advances in critical thinking and improved clinical decision making outcomes will be discussed. Part two will discuss specific examples of narrative pedagogical methods to improve skills in evidence-based care. Narrative pedagogy is a teaching method that focuses on circular learning, where students are actively engaged in co-creating the learning experience. Part three will be a discussion by faculty members who are using educational technologies to enhance student understanding of evidence-based care.
Organizer:Anne Bongiorno, PhD, APRN, BC
 The Symphonological Approach to Evidence Based Nursing: Empowering Student Scholarship and Practice
Anne Bongiorno, PhD, APRN, BC
 Using Narrative Pedagogy to Create Evidence Seekers
JoAnn Gleeson-Kreig, PhD, RN, Wendy R. Sayward, MS, RN, CNS, Maureen Condon, MS, RN
 Strategies that Promote Critical Thinking and Evidence-Based Nursing Using Educational Technologies
Noreen M. Houck, MS, RN, Lisa Wells, MS, RN, Mara Kaufmann, ND, RN