Thursday, 20 July 2006: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
The Trials and Tribulations of Developing and Conducting Multi-Center Research Studies
Learning Objective #1: describe the rewards and barriers to establishing an international and national research study.
Learning Objective #2: explain the doctoral student's perspective for establishing a multi-center research study.
The purpose of this presentation is to describe the development and implementation of multi-center research studies. Three researchers will discuss the trials, tribulations and rewards of conducting multi-center studies. Perspectives from seasoned researchers and a doctoral student will be presented. Two seasoned researchers will describe their experiences of conducting multi-center research studies on a national and international level. The development and implementation of a multi-center study funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research will be examined. In this presentation, the role of the principal investigator from developing the research question, to writing the grant, to implementing the protocol at each site will be described. Insights into the challenges and rewards of conducting multi-center research in the international arena will be presented. Solutions to common problems will be presented, as will pitfalls to avoid. International research is the wave of the future. No longer can we be concerned only with our local problems. Finally, a current doctoral student conducting a multi-center study will describe the development of the study, the personal and professional benefits, and how barriers were overcome. Issues addressed during this presentation include: 1) funding, 2) retention and attrition of sites, 3) long-distance communication with sites and 4) publication and authorship.
Organizer:Susan M. Matthews, MSN
 Multi-Center Research: the Pros and Cons of Conducting a Federally Funded Multi-Center Research Study
Terry A. Lennie, PhD, RN
 Developing a Multi-Center Research Study: a Doctoral Student's Perspective
Susan M. Matthews, MSN
 Conducting International Research: Overcoming Problems, Avoiding Pitfalls, and Reaping the Rewards
Debra K. Moser, DNSc, RN