Thursday, 20 July 2006: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Well-Being: Theoretical Perspectives, Measures, and Clinical Applications
Learning Objective #1: Discuss common theoretical perspectives related to the construct of well-being.
Learning Objective #2: Identify clinical applications for the Well-Being Picture Scale (WPS).
Organizer:Sarah Hall Gueldner, DSN, FAAN
 Introducing the Well-Being Picture Scale (WPS)
Sarah Hall Gueldner, DSN, FAAN, Yvonne Michel, PhD, Martha Hains Bramlett, RN, PhD, Chin-Fang Liu, MSN, Linda Johnston, PhD, Emiko Indo, PhD, Hideko Minegishi, PhD, Mayble Searcy Carlyle, MN
 Well Being in Older Adults Recovering from Sudden Ortohpedic Disability
Chin-Fang Liu, RN
 Studies of Well Being: Relation to Meditation and Power
Tae Sook Kim
 Establishing the Correlation between Well-Being and Presenting Symptomatology in Persons Who Are Seriously Ill
Frances R. Anderson
 Use of the Well Being Picture Scale and the Child Depression index in School Age Children
Susan Terwilliger, MS, PNP