Thursday, 20 July 2006: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
EBP Competency and Culture: Developing Education and Resources in a Magnet Hospital
Learning Objective #1: The learner will be able to discuss successful educational strategies which advance the development of an evidence-based practice culture.
Learning Objective #2: The learner will be able to describe structures and resources which support the evidence-based practice learning environment.
The importance of evidence-based practice as a core competency in todayís healthcare environment is well recognized. Education programs that support evidence-based practice are only beginning to make their way into curricula in academic settings. Most nurses in hospital settings, especially those at the bedside, have limited exposure to evidence-based practice. Previous research has established that specific priorities and strategies are needed to create an infrastructure and culture that supports evidence-based practice. One critical factor is the development of EBP mentors who infuse the tenets of evidence-based nursing throughout the hospital. EBP mentors work tirelessly and passionately towards aligning the hospitalís commitment and culture to not only support, but embrace the practice of evidence-based nursing. This symposium will describe the journey of one US magnet community hospital in building an evidence-based hospital culture that seeks to increase the knowledge, beliefs and competencies of practicing nurses. This journey began with a very successful interdisciplinary collaboration that resulted in the forging of a strong bond between practicing clinicians, the department of nursing research, and the professional library staff. Synergy now exists between these disciplines, and the way in which evidence-based nursing is being practiced at Rochester General Hospital has been greatly enhanced. The first paper of the symposium will present educational initiatives that have been successful in supporting and advancing the use of evidence-based practice. The second paper will detail resources and interventions that were developed to complement the practice of evidence-based nursing. The third paper will highlight the development of a CNS EBP mentor, and the role of the advanced practice nurse in bringing evidence-based nursing directly to the bedside.
Organizer:Tami A. Hartzell, MLS, BA
 Successful Educational Strategies for Building an Evidence-Based Practice Culture
Carmela J. Rehtz, EdD, MS, Kathryn G. Gardner, EdD, RN
 The Role of the Medical Librarian in Evidence-Based Practice
Tami A. Hartzell, MLS, BA
 A Clinical Nurse Specialist EBP Mentor: Bringing Evidence-Based Practice to the Bedside
Sue Nickoley, MS, BSN, RN