Friday, 21 July 2006: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Collaborative Partnership: Service Learning Through a ‘Unique Lens’
Learning Objective #1: 1. Describe a Collaborative Multidisciplinary Partnership, supporting service learning concepts, that facilitated the implementation and evaluative process of an innovative educational strategy.
Learning Objective #2: Describe the significance of identification of student operating style and skill set as it relates to synergy in the project process.
A collaborative partnership between an urban family practice clinic, nursing faculty and baccalaureate nursing students resulted in the development of a survey tool measuring client satisfaction along with the implementation of quality indicators. The educational quality activity was based upon an identified community need within the family practice setting and assigned to management and leadership nursing students. The key aims of the project were a) to provide a means to evaluate services and system processes, applying quality management principles in the clinical practice setting and; b) facilitate performance competency in required the management and leadership practicum course outcomes. Project design supported service learning and adult- learning principles that state learning should be cooperative, collaborative, experience based, meaningful, with some control of learning retained by the learner. The clinic director, in collaboration with clinical faculty, coached students in the identification of best practice performance relating to clinic specific variables of cycle times and client satisfaction. The collaborative partnership engaged students in service learning, providing a meaningful educational experience within the context of the clinical practice setting. The work promoted student reflection facilitating further understanding of course content. Synergy resulted from the innovative collaborative partnership. Students demonstrated engagement and an enthusiasm for learning. The attainment of synergy is directly correlated to the facilitator’s appreciation of the skill set and operating style of each student and sensitivity and continued assessment of the student placement within the project. This presentation will explain the development of a multi-level collaborative partnership, describe the project design, present the final product developed and clarify the partnership synergy experienced by the community agency, the student and the academic setting.
Organizer:Judith Ann Young, MSN, CCRN
 Collaborative Partnership: Nursing Student Perspective
Rebecca Bartlett, BS
 Collaborative Partnership: Clinic Director Perspective
Katherine L. McEwen, MBA, BSN, RN
 Collaborative Partnership: Faculty Perspective
Judith Ann Young, MSN, CCRN