Wednesday, 19 July 2006: 3:00 PM-4:30 PM
Child and Adolescent Health Initiatives
 Effectiveness of Therapeutic Play Intervention in Preparing School-Age Children for Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study
Ho Cheung William Li, RN, MPhil, PhD
 Parents' Self-Reported Predominant Stress Themes Associated with their Adolescents' Major Spinal Surgery
Lynda L. LaMontagne, RN, DNSc, Michele H. Salisbury, RNC, PhD, Joseph T. Hepworth, PhD
 Testing an Intervention to Promote Children's Adherence to Recommended Asthma Self-Management
Patricia Vernal Burkhart, PhD, RN, Mary Kay Rayens, PhD, Marsha G. Oakley, MSN, RN, Ashleigh B. Ohlmann, BSN
 Adolescent Perceptions of Transactions with Nurse Practitioners and Obesity Management Outcomes
Rae W. Langford, EdD, Brenda K. Binder, PhD, PNP