Friday, 21 July 2006: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
HIV/AIDS and Infectious Diseases
 Reversing the Script: Six African American Women Living with HIV/AIDS who are Winning a Losing Battle
Allan Weidenbaum, RN, PhD
 Decrease in HIV Concentration with Directly Observed Therapy in Treatment Experienced Adolescents: An Adherence Tool
Julia Bilodeau Purdy, MSN, CPNP, Alexandra F. Freeman, MD, Staci C. Martin, PhD, Celia Ryder, MSN, CPNP, Deborah K. Elliott-DeSorbo, MPhil, Steve Zeichner, MD, PhD, Rohan Hazra, MD
 Fatalism and HIV/AIDS: A Comparison Study of Mali, West Africa and Midwest United States
Rosanna Hess, RN, DNP, MSN, MA
 Behavioral Interventions and Abuse: Results of a Two-Year Controlled Randomized Trial in Minority Women
Jane Dimmitt Champion, PhD, R. N. Shain, PhD, J. E. Korte, PhD, A. E. C. Holden, PhD, J. M. Piper, MD, S. Perdue, DrPh