Thursday, 20 July 2006: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Using Evidence to Enhance Patient Care
 Tai Chi Exercise for Pain Reduction in Older Adults: A Meta-Analysis Approach
Asphodel Yang, RN, MSN, Patti Hamilton, RN, PhD, Gail C. Davis, EdD
 Healthcare System Changes and Smoking Cessation in a Rural Perinatal Population
Geraldine R. Avidano Britton, RN, FNP, PhD
 Early Mobilisation of Acute Stroke Patients
Lorraine N. Smith, BScN, MEd, PhD, Monica Arias, BScN, MScHC
 A Comparison of Graduate, Undergraduate, and Associate Degree Nursing Students' Views of Evidence-Based Practice
Andrea Renwanz Boyle, DNSc, RN, BC