Friday, 21 July 2006: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Special Session: Evidence-Based Practice and Informatics - Panel
Learning Objective #1: Describe collaborative efforts between Sigma Theta Tau International and the International Council of Nurses (ICN).
Learning Objective #2: Demonstrate the terminology efforts in progress to advanced evidence-based practice.
The representation of evidence-based nursing within data and knowledge structures such as those found in the Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library and Electronic Health Records (EHRs), creates a tremendous opportunity for global dissemination and utilization of nursing knowledge to improve health worldwide. This panel will discuss the importance of nursing leadership, the need for a robust informatics infrastructure, and the opportunity for the creation of new models of collaboration among various nursing domains, as the key building blocks for standaridzed representation of evidence-based nursing. The collaborative work between Sigma Theta Tau and the International Classification of Nursing Practice (ICNP(C)), along with case examples to demonstrate how the definition of evidence-based practice within EHRs can improve outcomes, will be reviewed. The discussion will focus on strategies to collaborate and leverage efforts underway and potential new initiatives in order to create a critical mass to advance the representation of evidence-based practice.
Organizer:Rosemary Kennedy, RN, MBA
Presenters:Amy Coenen, PhD
Marcelline Harris, RN, PhD
Susan Matney, RN, MS
Rosemary Kennedy, RN, MBA