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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
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Iranian Nurses' point of view toward research utilization
Neda Mehrdad, PhD, Candidate, Community of Health Nursing, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran and Mahvash Salsali, PhD, Research Deputy, Tehran University medical sciences, Tehran, Iran.
Learning Objective #1: The learner will be able to recognize one of the predictor of evidence based practice
Learning Objective #2: The learner will be able to asses nurses'attitude toward research utilisation.


Evidence-based nursing, as a new paradigm, is in the front of many current discussions of nursing profession. Research utilization, as a sub-set of evidence-based practice, is an exclusive challenge for the nursing in Iran as well.

 Nurses’ attitudes toward research utilisation and their motivation to engage in evidence –based practice have repeatedly been identified as a predictor for improving nursing practice. In Iran our knowledge about the attitudes of nurses regarding research utilisation is poorly developed. Therefore this study focus especially on Iranian nurses point of view toward research utilization.

This article aims to asses the attitude of Iranian clinical nurses and nurse educators towards research utilisation.

METHODSThe study is a cross-sectional survey with a descriptive design, using self-administered questionnaire .The questionnaires were sent to 410 respondents from educational hospitals and nursing schools affiliated to Tehran Medical Sciences University, Iran.

 The Majority of respondents generally hold positive attitudes toward research utilisation.  They believe that nursing research would improve clinical nursing practice. Nevertheless the participants suppose nursing research results are not relevant and applicable to their nursing practice.

 Education, Job position and research activities had a statistically significant relationship with their attitude.  CONCLUSION

The Iranian nurses’ point of view toward research utilisation were positive, but they are still not convinced of the importance of using research to their every day nursing activities. This, means that despite of having positive attitude toward research, they do not do not put nursing research findings in clinical practice. Furthermore, evidence-based practice and research utilization has not been on the agenda in Iranian Health Care for the current decade .Nursing education system should actively support the development of evidence-based practice in nursing by designing educational strategies for nurses. There is an immediate need to advance evidence-based nursing training in our teaching hospitals.