Saturday, July 14, 2007: 11:00 AM-12:30 PM
Promoting Good Work in Nursing: Global Perspectives on Nursing's Value in a Changing Health Care Environment
Learning Objective #1: The learner will be able to discuss nursing's value and values inherent in nursing from the perspectives of stakeholders across international borders.
Learning Objective #2: The learner will be able to discuss issues confronting the profession and strategies for promoting good work in nursing and building a healthy work environment.
Factors influencing the global nursing shortage include nurses’ satisfaction with their current job, their decision to become a nurse, and their awareness of the relative social value or meaning of nursing as a profession, and the values inherent in nursing. Most nurses enter the profession committed to good work that is competent, technically effective, and morally and socially responsible. However, pressures associated with a changing health care environment make it difficult for nurses to sustain their commitment to good work. Nurses express concern about changes in the role of nursing and the potential for a decline in the quality of patient care. The purpose of this symposium is to increase understanding of the value of nursing and the role of nurses from the perspectives of nurses and interested stakeholders from different cultures. Presenters will address universal core values in nursing and the meaning of being a ‘good nurse’ from different cultural perspectives while stressing the need to establish policies and practices to determine the value of nursing across cultures. Major issues confronting the profession and essential steps in preparing the next generation of professional nurses will be discussed.
Organizer:Joan F. Miller, PhD, CRNP, MSN, BSN
 The Value of Nursing in a Global Context
Verena T. Tschudin, RN, PhD, RM, DipCouns, Khim Horton, PhD, BSc(Hons), RN, RCNT, RNT, PGCEA
 The value of Good Nurses: Patients' perspectives from East Asia
Shigeko (Seiko) Izumi, PhD, RN, Emiko Konishi, PhD, Samantha Pang, PhD, Shu-Yueh Chen, RN, PhD, Young-Rhan Um, RN, PhD, Hsueh-Chin Chou, RN, MSN, Sun Suk Han, RN, PhD, Maki Tanaka, RN, MSN, Hsiao-Ying Tsai, RN, PhD, Hai-feng Wang, RN, MSN, Xiao-ling Xue, RN, BS, Michiko Yahiro, RN, MSN
 Active and Inactive Nurses Perception of Quality of Work life and Satisfaction with Nursing
Linda Roussel, RN, DSN, Kimberly A. Williams, DNSc
 Preparing the Next Generation of Nurses: A Qualitative Study Addressing Major Issues Influencing the Profession
Joan F. Miller, RN, PhD