Wednesday, July 11, 2007: 1:15 PM-2:45 PM
Creating tools and building evidence to evaluate the Outcome-Present State-Test (OPT) Model of clinical reasoning
Learning Objective #1: 1. Identify key issues when utilizing the OPT model with students in clinical.
Learning Objective #2: 2. Implement strategies for measuring students' clinical reasoning in their clinical practicums.
Nursing students spend countless hours completing care-plans, or care-maps and faculty make judgments about studentsí clinical thinking through the evaluation of the nursing process documented on these teaching-learning artifacts. Little educational research evidence exists that supports the effectiveness of these artifacts on student learning or clinical reasoning skill acquisition. The purpose of this symposium is share a series of studies regarding faculty efforts to rate and measure acquisition of clinical reasoning skills in several samples of nursing students who have used the Outcome Present State Test (OPT) Model of reflective clinical reasoning in several clinical contexts. Presentations will describe and explain the OPT Model and the strategies used to support the clinical reasoning skill development of students. The development of metrics and measures to test and evaluate student learning among those who used the OPT Model is described and explained. Symposium faculty will share issues and observations associated with the evaluation and measurement of student generated works, and provide critical analysis and evaluation of the OPT Model and its associated learning strategies. The aggregated evidence builds a case for continued refinement and development of the Model and sets the stage for a more systematic program of research that supports the scholarship of teaching and learning in the area of quantifying studentsí clinical reasoning ability when completing clinical paper work.
Organizer:Donald D. Kautz, PhD
 Reasoning Into the Future: Complexity Thinking and The OPT Model of Clinical Reasoning
Daniel J. Pesut, PhD, APRN, BC, FAAN, RuthAnne Kuiper, RN, PhD
 Quantitatively evaluating students' clinical reasoning with the Outcome-Present State-Test Model
Donald D. Kautz, PhD, RN, CNRN, CRRN-A, RuthAnne Kuiper, RN, PhD, Robin Bartlett, PhD, RN, BC, Daniel J. Pesut, PhD, APRN, BC, FAAN, Raymond Buck, PhD
 Using the OPT Model to Teach Clinical Reasoning to Undergraduate Nursing Students in a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Course: Lessons Learned
Robin Bartlett, PhD, RN, BC, Eileen Rossen, PhD, RN, Ann R. Bland, PhD, APRN, BC, Charlotte A. Herrick, PhD, RN
 Use of Technology and its Impact on the Clinical Reasoning of Pre-licensure Nursing Students
RuthAnne Kuiper, RN, PhD
 Statistical Comparisons of Clinical Reasoning using the Outcome-Present State-Test Model
Raymond Buck, PhD