Thursday, July 12, 2007: 1:45 PM-3:15 PM
A web-based platform to inform international evidence-based healthcare, clinical quality improvement and research
Learning Objective #1: understand the importance of international collaboration among expert clinicians for the advancement of practice
Learning Objective #2: describe the importance of comprehensive systematic reviews for guiding practice and future research goals
This symposium reports on the development of a new initiative to enhance and facilitate cohesion between research, evidence and clinical quality improvement. Contemporary approaches to the delivery of care focus on developing and using frameworks to support “best practice”. Components of these frameworks frequently include initiatives such as engaging in comprehensive, ongoing assessment to ensure interventions are based on evidence, the development of a cultural acceptance of ‘best practice’ within an organisation and the establishment and maintenance of systems to improve practice and continuously monitor outcomes. However, it is not uncommon for even the most efficient organisations to concentrate on “best practice” in terms of systems and management processes and overlook the central role of international research evidence to inform clinical care. A commitment to “best practice” is fundamentally related to the identification of the best available evidence with regard to the feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness and effectiveness of interventions and care practices. It is essential that these sources of evidence are accessible to all who participate in the planning and implementation of care to support their practice and the decisions they make in partnership with patients, their families and carers, and other members of the multi-disciplinary team. The Joanna Briggs Institute has developed a web-based platform to reflect the needs of clinicians and managers, which focuses on promoting high quality care, continuous quality improvement, a culture of evidence-based practice, and the stimulus for clinically centred research activity. In this symposium, JBI presents the theoretical framework for cohesively bringing these elements of evidence-based practice, quality improvement and research together in 6 steps, and with use of exemplars from different clinical areas with input from JBI Collaborating Centres from the United Kingdom and United States to illustrate the potential impact the framework could have on for practice, patients and health service providers.
Organizer:Craig Lockwood, RN, MNSc
 A web-based platform to inform international evidence-based healthcare, clinical quality improvement and research
Craig Lockwood, RN, MNSc
 Midwifery COnNECT - A web based platform for research
Debra Bick, PhD, MedSc, BA, RM, RGN
 Infection Control COnNECT a web based platform for research
Carol Pellowe, EdD, MA, Ed, Ba, Hons, RN, RNT
 NeoNatal COnNECT - A web based platform for research
Carole Kenner, DNS, RNC, FAAN