Friday, July 13, 2007: 10:15 AM-11:45 AM
The UNF Community Homebase Model: Preparing students for community-based practice and partnering.
Learning Objective #1: Describe the UNF community homebase service-learning model and best practice implications.
Learning Objective #2: Explain the quality improvement process and measures used to monitor implementation and curriculum refinement.
Changes in the U.S. health care system challenged educators to develop community-based curricula. In response to these challenges, the University of North Florida, School of Nursing used an evidence-based approach to develop a unique cross-term community-based undergraduate curriculum using a continuous quality improvement process. Over a six year period of time, we developed a homebase community service-learning model. A homebase is linked to a specific community service or located in a geographic area. Students benefit by continuous involvement in the same homebase during all semesters of their nursing program. This continuity of experience provides the opportunity for students to gain comprehensive knowledge of the homebase community as they gradually develop a long-term trusting relationship necessary for effective community work. Additionally, faculty from different clinical specialties participate as co-leaders, with community prepared faculty, within the various community homebases. Community partners are essential co-educators and benefit through student service-learning projects. The purposes are to a) introduce the community homebase model, b) describe the continuous quality improvement process used to monitor implementation and curriculum refinement, and c) discuss the lessons learned leading to best practice. The community homebase model has proved to be an effective strategy for teaching community concepts, preparing students to practice in a variety of settings, and building relationships with diverse populations.
Organizer:Barbara J. Kruger, PhD, MPH, RN
 The UNF Community Homebase Model
Connie S. Roush, RN, PhD
 Building the Evidence: CQI for undergraduate community curriculum
Barbara J. Kruger, PhD, MPH, RN
 Using evidence: Best practices for preparing undergraduate students for community nursing
Barbara J. Olinzock, RN, EdD