Wednesday, July 11, 2007: 9:45 AM-11:15 AM
Nursing’s Social Responsibility for Global Health
Learning Objective #1: 1.The learner will be able to describe nursing’s social responsibility for global health
Learning Objective #2: 2.The learner will be able to discuss the factors that impact social responsibility and how these factors affect the nursing’s responsibility for global health.
This focused discussion group (FDG) will address the social responsibility of nursing for global health. Chief among the issues confronting nurses are the need to address migration and depletion of the nursing workforce, rethink the implications of global nursing education, and develop an ethical and socially responsible approach to integrating evidence-based practice globally. These major issues will be examined with regard to their impact on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The need for such a discussion is bolstered by the Honor Society’s identification of the importance of integrating nursing’s capacity for leadership and service to influence the health and well-being of diverse global communities Further, the STTI Research/Scholarship Advisory Council urges that the exponential growth of nursing knowledge be made available to a global audience. Making research findings available to resource-constrained countries is one way to meet nursing’s social responsibility for global health. In addition, examples of programs that contribute to global health will be identified and discussed with input from participants.
Organizer:Lynda Tyer-Viola, RNC, PhD
Presenters:Patrice Kenneally Nicholas, RN, DNSc, MPH, ANP
Inge B. Corless, RN, PhD, FAAN