Thursday, July 12, 2007: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
16 rural, community and university settings collectively automate point of care interdisciplinary, evidence-based practice framework: Strategies and Outcomes.
Learning Objective #1: Articulate the teaching strategies used to implement an evidence-based, interdisciplinary documentation sytem within 16 diverse clinical settings using a professional practice model .
Learning Objective #2: Delineate culture/environmental and point of care practice outcomes experienced by 16 settings who collectively implemented a clinical Practice Model with embedded evidence-based content.
This presentation will be based on an Exemplar that was presented at the Invitational Tiger Summit in November 2006 at Bethseda, Maryland called “Merging an Interdisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice Framework and Technology to Transform Practice, Thinking and Relationships at the Point-of-Care.” However, the focus of this session will be both the teaching and learning strategies as well as the demonstrated clinical outcomes reached when standardization that integrates evidence-based knowledge into each step of the professional practice process is implemented. The lessons learned and the practice outcomes experienced at 16 rural, community and university clinical settings across 7 states in the U.S. who have collectively implemented via automation evidence-based clinical practice guidelines within an interdisciplinary documentation system and based on a clinical practice model will be shared. The Chief Nursing Officers from two of the live 16 sites along with the originator of the professional practice framework will review the structure, process and collective outcomes experienced by thousands of nurses and interdisciplinary clinicians. The outcomes will be addressed from two perspectives: culture/environmental outcomes and point of care safety outcomes including the professional standards, Institute of Medicine, JCAHO, magnet, NQF and IHI. The challenges and rewards of successful transformation of practice using evidence based knowledge within a clinical professional practice model will be explored.
Organizer:Bonnie Lou Wesorick, BS, MSN
Presenters:Judith M. Pechacek, MSN
Shawn Tyrell, MSN
Bonnie Lou Wesorick, BS, MSN