Saturday, July 14, 2007: 9:15 AM-10:45 AM
Stimulating Transdisciplinary Scholarship in Diverse Clinical Nursing Specialties
Learning Objective #1: Discuss methods to engage multiple disciplinary team members to collaborate and contribute their professional expertise to achieve a common goal.
Learning Objective #2: Discuss how results of research/ evidence based practice are used to improve patient care to different patient populations.
This symposium will address the impact of a nursing research/EBP program at a Magnet designated hospital system. Initial efforts by the nursing department included forming a nursing research committee, developing a mission and vision statement, and showcasing nursing research/ evidence based practice at nursing research day. The mission of the nursing research committee is to provide a platform to educate and empower nursing staff to facilitate quality, cost effective and safe nursing care. Staff nurses are encouraged to participate as speakers providing encouragement to others to investigate problems of interest to them. In addition to presenting at the internal nursing research day, staff presented their findings in the form of poster presentations at national nursing conferences. Education was provided through a series of classes held at one of the hospitals. Nurses who could not attend the class were mentored through the research/ evidence based practice process. The three presentations in this symposium arose from questions nurses had about the nature of their practice and how to improve care to their individual patient population. Pediatric nurses were interested in replacing standard quadruple photo therapy with the Bilibed in the treatment of hyperbilirubinemia. They surveyed neighboring hospitals, gained the support of their manager, physicians, medical director, families, and others to conduct their study in order to introduce a new product. The PICC nursing team gained the support of the physicians, administration, librarians, and clinical nurse educators. Their study is creating evidence for placement based on INR levels. The Helping Elders At Lankenau (HEAL) project was based on research conducted at Yale university. This project included physical therapy, nutrition, physicians, nurses and patient care technicians. These presentations will address the process of project development as well as outcomes.
Organizer:Ruth A. Mooney, BSN, MN, PhD
 A Transdisciplinary approach to bringing evidence based practice to our elder patients
Victoria A. Edelman, RN, BSN
 The use of the Bilibed for infants hospitalized for treatment of Hyperbilirubinemia
Patricia Decina, RN, BSN, CNP, Lisa Waraksa, RN, BSN, CNP
 Effects of INR levels on Bleeding Occurrences during the first 24 hours of Ultrasound Guided PICC Line Insertion
Linda Daniels, RN, Margaret Oldham, RN, MS