Wednesday, July 11, 2007: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Faculty strengthens High Touch Evidence Based Practice by Using Technology to Transform the Classroom, the Lab and Clinical Rotation in Partnership with the Hospital Leadership.
Learning Objective #1: Articulate the preparation needed by faculty to integrate point of care technology into the classroom, lab and clinical rotation.
Learning Objective #2: Delineate the strategies and outcomes used by faculty to integrate technology enhanced evidence-based guidelines into the classroom, lab and clinical rotation learning experience.
This session will address the outcomes of the commitment made by a faculty to lead the technological revolution and take on the challenge of enhancing the teaching and learning process in the classroom, lab and in a clinical setting using technology designed within a professional practice framework. This effort was done in partnership with their affiliate hospital leadership and an international consortium. The technology used at the point of care was based on a professional practice model that easily integrated with the curriculum philosophy and fundamental standards. The faculty worked in partnership with the hospital to transform their culture and practice and integrated new teaching strategies to strengthen the students learning and the relationships with the professionals at the bedside. The technology needed the typical informatic competencies but the major focus was on the design to enhance each step of the professional process. The faculty worked in partnership with the health care system in which the students would be having their clinical rotations. The faculty joined the partnership councils on the units of their specialties and worked with the staff practice leads to integrate their teaching with the daily realities. The faculty had learning retreats to prepare for the methods of teaching using technology. The outcomes are based on the teaching-learning outcomes in the lab as well as the two year work done by the faculty in partnership with the practice leadership as they prepared to synchronize classroom and clinical expectations related to the use of embedded evidence based guidelines into learning and daily practice.
Organizer:Pamela Brown, PhD
Presenters:Bonnie Lou Wesorick, BS, MSN
Pamela Brown, PhD