Thursday, July 12, 2007: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
A Treasure Map Exposition: Discoveries in Creating Transdisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice Environments for the 21st Century
Learning Objective #1: The learner will be able to identify successful strategies that support transdisciplinary, collaborative action to create and sustain evidence-based practice at the point-of-care
Learning Objective #2: The learner will be able describe how informatics-rich “transparent” healthcare in the 21st century will require new ways of thinking and collaborating for nurses
This session will focus on today’s complex, global healthcare environment and the leverage it provides for transdisciplinary collaboration and evidence-based practice. The presenters will take participants on a treasure map adventure based on real-life discoveries made from a growing, international healthcare consortium that has collaboratively created and advanced a common clinical framework used by over 190 healthcare settings. The treasure map exposition begins by describing the motivation for nursing and transdisciplinary colleagues to begin such a quest. Setting a vision that is clear as we continually head toward a desired destination is critical to beginning the journey. Along the 20-plus year quest, successful navigation tools have been discovered and consistently utilized to keep on the path of true evidence-based, transdisciplinary practice at the point-of-care. The presenters will share surprises encountered and important areas of shared work that must be accomplished. Examples include delineating integrated scopes of practice and grounding clinicians with evidence-based clinical practice guidelines used in day-to-day practice and documentation. The treasure map exposition will require participants to engage in interactive experiences to un-lock new awareness’s and to correlate them to their current education and practice realities. Partnership councils and quality outcome indicators are key areas marked on the treasure map and will be explored as well. The exposition will conclude with examples of how today’s fast-evolving informatics-rich and transparent healthcare environment has further challenged thinking and collaborative mindsets as well as given great cause for celebration of milestones accomplished on the quest.
Organizer:Michelle R. Troseth, RN, MSN
Presenters:Tracy Christopherson, RRT
Diane Gilbert Bradley, MD