Thursday, July 12, 2007: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
Issues in Nursing Education
 Evidence-based Practice: Strategies to Educate Future Nurses
Vera C. Brancato, EdD, MSN, RNBC
 Collaborative Approaches for Developing Evidence-based Simulation Modules
Eileen Deges Curl, PhD, ARNP-CNS, LeAnn Chisholm, MSN, RN, Sheila Smith, PhD, RN, Leah Anne McGee, MSN, MEd
 The attitude of registered nurses and faculty towards the performance of professional. nursing activities by nursing students
Chaya Balik, RN, PhD, Yehudith Marcus, MA, RN, Shoshe Kalishek, MRN, MPA, Esther Tal, MA, RN, Sigalit Kochavi, RN, MA, Ilana Margalith, RN, PhD, MHA
 The value and effectiveness of videoconferencing used in an exchange programme for nursing students
Hai Ou Xia, MSN, KS Thomas Wong, PhD