Friday, July 13, 2007: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
Health Promotion Innovations
 Effects of an off-site walking program on fibrinogen in women
Fumiko Furukawa, PhD, RN, Michiyo Kojima, PhD, RN, Reizo Kusukawa, PhD, MD
 Patient Adherence to Care and Quality of Life after Bariatric Surgery
Erlinda C. Wheeler, DNS, RN, Douglas Sutton, EdD, ARNP, RN
 Parenting Skills Enhancement in Drug-Abusing Mothers: Effects on Parenting Stress, Hope, and Infant Development
Luz S. Porter, PhD, RN/ARNP, FNP, FAAN, Brian O. Porter, MD, PhD, MPH
 Feasibility and Outcomes for Heart Failure Spousal Caregivers Receiving a Telehealth Social Support Intervention
Louise M. LaFramboise, PhD, RN, Bernice C. Yates, PhD, RN