Friday, July 13, 2007: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
EBN Translation Strategies
 SAFE or SORRY? Development of an evidence based inpatient safety program for the prevention of common complications
Betsie H.G.I. van Gaal, MSc, RN, Lisette Schoonhoven, PhD, RN, Joke A.J. Mintjes-de Groot, PhD, RN, ICP, QM, Raymond R.T.C.M. Koopmans, PhD, Theo Van Achterberg, PhD, RN
 Collaboration: A Transdisciplinary Roadmap to Discovery
Diane Storer Brown, RN, PhD, FNAQH, CPHQ, Carolyn E. Aydin, PhD, Nancy E. Donaldson, RN, DNSc, FAAN, M. Linda Burnes Bolton, RN, DPH
 The Impact of Enteral Feedings and Prolonged Use of Parenteral Nutrition on the Occurrence of Cholestatic Jaundice in Premature Neonates
Margaret Steinbach, RN, ARNP, MSN
 Evidence Based Practice in Providing Interdisciplinary Education—An Analysis of Results
Ann E. Gunnett, MSN, MS, RN, BC