Saturday, July 14, 2007: 11:00 AM-12:30 PM
Care of the Chronically Ill
 Relationship of intimacy with spouses to quality of life of women with breast cancer
Eunkyung Hwang, RN, Mi Hye Moon, RN, Yeon Joo Yoo, RN, Seong Eun Lee, RN, Hye Jin Kim, RN, Youngsun Choi, RN, Dongyoung Noh, PhD, MD
 Antisocial Personality Traits and Behaviors in Alcohol Dependent Adults with Early Age of Drinking Onset: a Pilot Study
Flor A. Culpa-Bondal, MSN, RN, CNS/PMH
 Coping with cancer and emotional distress
Aida Cruz Mendes, PhD, RN, C. Reboredo, RN, C. Silva, RN, M. L. Carvalho, RN