Thursday, July 12, 2007: 10:15 AM-11:45 AM
SPECIAL SESSION: Maximizing Outcomes for Patients, Nurses and Organizations through Implementation of Healthy Work Environment Best Practice Guidelines
Learning Objective #1: n/a
Learning Objective #2: n/a
Healthy work environments for nurses are paramount to quality health care around the world. In Canada, nurses through the RNAO Healthy Work Environment Best Practice Guidelines Program (HWE BPG) are taking a leadership role in developing quality workplaces. The program consists of development, implementation and pilot evaluation of six HWE BPGs related to critical areas relevant to quality work environments. The six BPGs include: leadership, workload and staffing, collaborative practice, professionalism, embracing diversity and workplace health safety and well being. This symposium will feature the details of a comprehensive pilot study of implementation of the guidelines in the health care sector. The pilot consists of a total of 10 pilot sites including acute care hospitals, long term care, and home health care settings. Participants will receive a brief overview of the HWE BPG Program, the guideline development methodology and the focus of each of the guidelines. Information about the goals of the pilot study, pilot site selection processes, the research methodology used, and early outcomes will be outlined. In addition, various guideline implementation strategies, development of a knowledge exchange network among the team of pilot sites and lessons learned to date will also be shared. In preparation for the pilot testing, recommendations from each of the six HWE BPGs have been converted to indicators that will be used to survey nurses, managers, administrators, and senior executives in the work place to determine the impact of implementation of guidelines. Testing will be carried out at three time frames: pre implementation, and at 3 and 6 month intervals. The session will conclude with an opportunity to review the survey tools, and very preliminary pilot data reflecting how implementation approaches differ with different guidelines and target sites.
Presenters:Linda L. O'Brien-Pallas, RN, PhD, FCAHS
Sara White, MA
Irmajean Bajnok, RN, MSN, PhD
Frances Flint, RN, MN
Liz Ruegg, RN, BScN
Maureen Taylor-Greenly, BScN, MHA
Anita Ytsma, RN, MScN, ACNP
Baiba Zarins, RN, BScN, CNCC(c), MHS
Organizer:Irmajean Bajnok, RN, MSN, PhD