Home Technologies gave a lot of Benefits to a Paralyzed Client until the End-of-Life

Thursday, 16 July 2009: 2:05 PM

Noriko Tsuchiya, DrPH
Community Health and Homecare Nursing, Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing, Toyota, Japan

Learning Objective 1: What kinds of home technologies were useful for a client?

Learning Objective 2: What kinds of advantage did a caregiver get on care managements?

Purpose: What kinds of home technologies were useful for a client?  What kinds of advantage did a caregiver get on care managements?

Methods: Designs; qualitative research design through interviewing, Subject; wife’s age was 78, Open-questions. 1. Tell me how to use the home technologies, how to take the advantages on medical expenditure and how to get satisfactions using home technologies at the end of life. Ethical considerations: Passed the ethical meeting in college in 2008.

Results: A client had needed all helps because of paralyzed under the neck stenosis caused by the posterior longitudinal ligament since 1993.  After the field reserach, the main cords were extracted as follows; 1. To need home technologies: for help of aged caregiver’s powerless, it needed a technological carrier hand in the bath room. A client enjoyed to take a bath by wife’s care in home and recovered from some infections and bed sores. 2. To utilize the lifter: for save medical expenditure in home, she managed creatively using home lifter technology as far as she made creatively newly-devised plans according to a visiting nurse’s advises. 3. To grant a client’s desire: She got a space time and freed from stress. 4. To have cost effective utilizations on the nursing care insurance system. If he were living now, his nursing insurance care cost was nearly \350,000 ($ 3,333) monthly on the care criteria.

Conclusion: Medical technologies in homecare could manage his medical expenditures. Within life satisfactions and the higher QOL, he could live longer together with family until the end of life. Unless a home technology provided, family might have sent him to a hospital. So, wife narrated me it had good memories living with him longer in home.