Fundamental Elements Essential for Evidence-Based Practice

Wednesday, 15 July 2009: 1:45 PM

Bonnie L. Wesorick, RN, MSN, FAAN
CPM Resource Center / Elsevier, Grand Rapids, MI

This presentation will begin with the components of  the Clinical Practice Model or professional framework used by the International Consortium to guide the work to achieve evidence-based practice.  Each of the 10 fundamental elements identified by the Consortium that are essential to create and sustain evidence based practice at the point-of-care will be described and correlated to the recent assessment of over  3000 clinicians practicing at the point-of-care in Canada and United States. This will be inclusive of the assurance of evidence-based content as it relates to scope of practice, standardized and individualized patient care, competency, integrated competency as well as work and thought flow of interdisciplinary clinicians at the point of care.