Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Leads to Outstanding Clinical Outcomes

Wednesday, 15 July 2009: 2:25 PM

Jill K. Mason, MS, RN, CNA
Administration, Blessing Hospital, Quincy, IL

This presentation will focus on the lessons learned and the clinical outcomes of implementing executable, evidence-based practice across multiple clinical settings and disciplines using pre-configured, intentionally designed tools including paper and  technology.  The importance of a professional practice framework to assure that the tools needed to support the 10 fundamental elements and how they serve both those who give and receive care will be correlated to specific process and clinical outcomes.  The importance of the role of the Chief Nursing Officer in the leadership to assure that the goals of evidence-based practice are achieved will be correlated to clinical scenarios familiar with those who are leading transformation at the point of care. The statistically significant clinical outcomes experienced by the Consortium will be correlated to professional standards, federal, governmental, credentialing as well as JCAHO, Magnet, NQF and IHI initiatives and global objectives at the point-of-care.