C 03 Heart Health Issues

Tuesday, 13 July 2010: 10:30 AM-11:45 AM
Judith Ann Kutzleb, DNP, RN, CCRN, APN-C, Medical Clinic, Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck, NJ
10:30 AM
Cytokines May Be Associated with Cognitive Function in Heart Failure

Ponrathi R. Athilingam, PhD, RN, ACNP
School of Nursing, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Leway Chen, MD, MPH, FACC
Strong Heart and Vascular Center, University of Rochester, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Jan A. Moynihan, PhD
Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

10:50 AM
Matters of the Heart: Instrument Development and Education to Test Women's Knowledge of Female MI Symptoms Using Acronyms

Melanie Kalman, PhD, RN
College of Nursing, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY
Pamela Fahs, DSN
Decker School of Nursing, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY

11:10 AM
Which Adiposity Measure is a Better Predictor of Cardiovascular Morbidity Risk Factors and Mortality in Obese Patients with Heart Failure?

Nancy M. Albert, PhD, MSN, BSN, RN1
James F. Bena, MS2
Anne S. Tang, MS2
Jennifer Forney, BSN, RN1
Ellen Slifcak, BSN, RN1
1Nursing Research and Innovation, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
2Quantitative Health Sciences, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH