Work Environment of Nurse Managers: Perceptions and Strategies

Tuesday, July 12, 2011: 9:10 AM

Martine Mayrand Leclerc, RN, PhD
Nursing Department, Université du Québec en Outaouais, Gatineau, QC, Canada

Learning Objective 1: Better understand Nurse Managers' work environment perceptions.

Learning Objective 2: Identify validated strategies that could optimized Nurse Managers' work environment.

Purpose: The Nurse Managers’ contribution within the workplace has been well established internationally as an essential component of healthcare institutions. A both resource-persons and spokes persons for nurses, Nurse Managers are also accountable to the hospital administration; this can produce tension and often puts them “between a rock and a hard place”. Within the actual context of healthcare personnel shortages and financial constraints, particular attention should be given to the work environment of Nurse Managers. But what how Nurse Managers perceived their work environment? 

Methods:  A reference framework, within a multi-methods approach, includes psychological and social viewpoints using diverse theoretical models, is used to study and describe the psychosocial work environment. This presentation will describes the results of a two phase research study done in Montreal area, Quebec. In the first phase, a qualitative approach using analysis of focus groups (n = 9) describe positive and negative psychosocial perceptions, barriers that prevent optimization of the psychosocial work environment, and consequences on the role as perceived by Nurse Managers.  Also, based on a 3 phases Delphi consultation, 50 validated strategies, that could potentially optimize the psychosocial environment of Nurse Managers, will be presented. 

Results: Reported distress, weakened and deteriorated dimensions, as a result of Nurse Manager's work conditions, will be discussed. Strategies that could optimize work environment of nurse managers will be presented according to their ranked priority. 

Conclusion: The results of this research establish a strong base upon which to build further primary prevention and promotion innovations leading to healthy work environments for Nurse Managers.