Educacional Tool to Improve Caregiver Role

Saturday, 26 July 2014: 2:30 PM

Maria Josť Lumini Landeiro, RN, MScN
Nursing School College, Nursing College of Porto, Oporto, Portugal
Teresa Martins, PhD
Nursing College of Porto, Nursing College of Porto, Porto, Portugal


The development of new technologies in the health area is a strategic axis to improve family caregiving role.


Develop “Caring for dependent persons” an interactive tool in order to provide information tailored to the needs of family caregivers of dependent patients to complement the given guidance and promote their autonomy.Using an instrument to evalauate this educacional tool through 6 experts in the area of family caregivers.


Quantitative and qualitative study, quasi-experimental field, with two study groups. To be implemented in an Oporto`s hospital. Consisting of three phases:

1.ª - Identify the importance to have an interactive tool to improve family caregiving role.

2.ª- Develop of interactive tool based on Instructional Design in Context for caregivers.

3.ª- Evaluate the impact of the interactive tool


The experts consider that the interactive educational tool is good concerning very items like accessibility, main areas, utility, Simplicity airworthiness, graphical presentation, Quality videos, Clarity of language.The major innovative element will be the platform’ interactivity with the users’ needs helping their decision making, allowing family caregivers to decide which information want to know and learn about.