Innovative Mentorship Promoting Engagement in the UN

Monday, 27 July 2015: 9:30 AM

Upsilon Chapter, Sea Cliff, NY

Representatives of STTI and NIGH (Nightingale Initiative for Global Health) have formed a unique, intergenerational nursing coalition at the United Nations based on an innovative model of interactive mentorship and advocacy.  As the UN Youth Representative Role emerged, it became apparent that expectations could be expanded beyond simply accompanying senior representatives and joining standard activities.  The unique collaboration resulted in a joint web based project to promote UN involvement directed at grassroots nurses throughout the world via an online platform.

This presentation will highlight the role of UN Youth Representative collaboration and mentorship in the development of interactive activites and projects presented to a variety fo practice settings including academia, hospitals, and professional associations. Startegies for replication will be described and application tonthe post MDG, Sustainable Development Agenda.