Using Context-Inquiry Teaching Model to Enhance Advanced Clinical Medical Writing

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Yi-Ru Chen, BSN
Nursing Department, Yi-Ru, Chen, Tainan, Taiwan

Abstract Introduction

The practice of clinical ladder enhances professional capacity in nursing. With senior nursing staff’s guidance and through mutual learning, professional values of nursing and specialized medical writing ability could be enhanced. Such influence on motivating nursing staff to actively participate in advanced clinical ladder has been a vital issue.


To probe into barricades affecting advanced specialized medical writing among the nursing staff. With breakthrough in related problems and diverse teaching strategies, inquiry-based learning model was employed to enable nursing staff to actively participate in advanced clinical ladder and to overcome the challenges of specialized medical writing, thus enhancing nursing achievement and confidence.


This study focused on one Respiratory ICU in a medical center in southern Taiwan. The participants were 11 nurses, having promoted to N4 from N3. The research ranged from November 2014 to November 2015. Teaching strategies included (1) establishing the instructor database of specialized medical writing, (2) setting up online learning guidance, (3) forming specialized medical writing workshop (teacher-pupil ratio at 1:2, monthly progress check and report), and (4) peer care as well as reward system. Evaluation was based on the qualified project reports announced by the Taiwan Nurses Association.


The results revealed that the bimonthly presence in 2015 was 69.2%, satisfaction of teacher-pupil counseling was 100%, and that 5 specialized medical reports were completed by May 2015 (100%). A total of 3 project reports were deemed qualified in the October 2015 Announcement by the Taiwan Nurses Association. The passing rate improved by 60%, indicating the positive effects of inquiry-based teaching model.


The nurse clinical ladder is vital to enhancing professional nursing capacity, thus highlighting the top priority of cultivating and establishing a quality instructor database of specialized medical counselling. The inquiry-based diverse learning model effectively strengthened the analytical and handling capacity concerning clinical problems, and enhanced nursing staff’s confidence and superiority. Thus, a parallel promotion is highly recommended.