Fighting the Fakes: How Using Legitimate Publishing and Open Access Can Enhance Nursing Research

Monday, 23 July 2018: 9:10 AM

Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of Hull, Hull, United Kingdom

The rise of predatory publishers has threatened not only individual researchers and their institutions, but the wider world of established nursing publishing and legitimate conference organising. How have legitimate nursing journals and publishers responded to the threat from predators? What can genuine scholarly and research conferences do to combat the swathe of fake conferences that now outnumber legitimate events? (


The give participants the inside view from legitimate academic nursing publishing world.

To show the value of the late 'Beall’s List’ of predatory publishers and to suggest alternatives following its closure.

To highlight the availability and options of legitimate open access nursing and health care publishing and how to choose a good journal or conference.

To alert reachers and academics to the multiple dangers of using predatory publishers and their journals to simply 'secure a publication' regardless of the cost.

To show the benefits of using legitimate publishers and open access journals for both individual researchers and the broader world of nursing scholarship.


This session will involve presentation of key facts and issues surrounding predatory and legitimate nursing publishing, detailing of the legitimate nursing publishing world, illustration of the ways that researchers can recognise and avoid the predators and open questions/discussion with participants as to their perspectives and experiences regarding predatory publishers.


Participants at this session will learn:

Why it is personally and professionally critical to avoid predatory publishers

The dangers that they present to nursing research and scholarship AND to the wider world of science and knowledge credibility.

Specifically what researchers and academics can do to avoid and counter such highly organised fakery.


This is a pressing issue for all researchers and Schools of Nursing & Midwifery NOW. This presentation will show how we can take collective action now, not in five years time when we have nothing left to defend.