Saturday, July 24, 2004
This presentation is part of : Indicators for Administrative Databases: What Information Do We Require?
Nursing Sensitive Outcomes: Indicators for the Ontario Database
Dorothy Pringle, RN, PhD, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada

Objective: Recommendations regarding the inclusion of indicators for administrative databases must consider the economic costs and human resource burden associated with the collection of this information. Therefore, it is essential that any indicators that are recommended for inclusion have sound empirical evidence demonstrating the link between nursing inputs and patient outcomes. In addition, indicators that are recommended must be able to be collected with an instrument that is valid and reliable.

Design: An expert panel was responsible for the identification and selection of nursing sensitive patient outcomes for Ontario databases. They developed a framework based on the outcomes of the Ontario health care system to guide this process. This framework will be described. The types of outcomes reflective of nursing practice will be presented. The decision making for inclusion of nursing inputs and specific nursing sensitive patient outcomes on databases will be examined. In addition, issues with definition and measurement of these indicators will be explored.

Findings: There is a growing body of research supporting the link between nursing inputs and functional status, therapeutic self-care, symptom management and patient satisfaction with nursing care. In addition, there is evidence supporting the linking between quality nursing work environments and patient outcomes.

Conclusions: As a profession it is crucial that we advance our understanding of nursings’ role in health outcomes across the health care system. To do this we require standardized, valid, reliable data on administrative databases.

Implications: Knowledge of the relationship between nursing structural indicators and patient outcomes is essential to inform future policy decisions in the area of health human resources and to optimize patient care within the health care system.

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