Saturday, July 24, 2004: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Indicators for Administrative Databases: What Information Do We Require?

Learning Objective #1: Understand which nursing-sensitive patient outcomes are reflective of nursesí contributions to patient care and the appropriate ways of measuring these outcomes
Learning Objective #2: Have an understanding of the issues and complexities with measuring and collecting outcomes data across the health care sector
Nurses are the most numerous contributors to patient care in all sectors of the health care system; however, the nature and effectiveness of their contribution is often invisible in terms of administrative databases. These databases are used to assess the effectiveness of the health care system. This symposium will present a unique project that is creating the foundation for a province-wide database encompassing acute, chronic, long-term and home care sectors. The background to this project will be outlined including the political process leading to the project, the conceptual framework used for the identification and selection of nursing sensitive patient outcomes, the critical appraisal process that led to the decisions about definitions and measurement of the selected outcomes, and the feasibility study used to assess their reliability and responsiveness in the field. The 6 month feasibility study collected information systematically on patientsí functional status, therapeutic self-care, symptom status and patient safety outcomes. Results demonstrate that nurses assess patients reliably on all outcomes and they use their findings in their care; furthermore, these outcomes are responsive to nursing care. Evidence exists that the quality of the patientís health care experience can be influenced by a number of organizational factors. Results from a critical appraisal of research on a range of these factors and the study to test the feasibility of collecting selected indicators will be presented. Outcomes will continue to be central to discussions on accountability in health care. As a profession it is crucial that we advance our understanding of nursingís role in contributing to patient outcomes. To do this we require information about nursing inputs and nursing sensitive outcomes on administrative databases. This seminar will conclude with the recommendations that are being forwarded to the provincial government and represent state-of- the-art developments in the field of nursing-sensitive patient outcomes.
Organizer:Dorothy Pringle, RN, PhD
Presenter:Peggy White, RN, MN
 Indicators of Nurse Staffing and Quality Nursing Work Environments
Linda McGillis Hall, RN, PhD
 Nursing Sensitive Outcomes: Indicators for the Ontario Database
Dorothy Pringle, RN, PhD
 The Feasibility of Collecting Nursing Sensitive Outcomes in Acute Care, Long-Term Care, Complex Continuing Care and Home Care
Diane Irvine Doran, RN, PhD
 The Nursing and Health Outcomes Project
Dorothy Pringle, RN, PhD, Peggy White, RN, MN

15th International Nursing Research Congress
Sigma Theta Tau International
July 22-24, 2004