Building a Culture of Safety: Implementing a new leadership rounding model

Tuesday, 19 November 2013: 8:30 AM

Ann Marie T. Brooks, DNSc, RN, MBA, FAAN, FACHE, FNAP
Main Line Health System - Riddle Memorial Hospital, Newtown Square, PA

Leadership rounding is an expectation for hospital leaders.   While the process of leader rounding sounds simple, it requires a level of commitment of time and understanding that is different than in the past.   In the current healthcare environment it is expected that senior leaders are not only advocating on their behalf but that they are accessible and visible within the hospital or organization.   Because of the challenges of competing priorities and limited time for leader rounding, it is critical that senior leaders and other leaders and managers understand and appreciate the value of every staff and patient encounter and use their presence to recognize, role model, influence and lead staff understanding of how their work drives the strategic and operational outcomes.  This presentation will discuss how one health system with five hospitals designed the culture of safety program with major focus on leader involvement and leader rounding in the building and sustainingprocess.   Discussion will include the culture of safety program, metrics used to measure success and how the leadership rounding program has evolved from the initial phases of the program to a much more robust, transparent and partnership model.